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ED? Share the Problem!

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Talk with Your Partner about ED

Erectile dysfunction? Share the Problem with Your partner

If, like millions of other men, you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) it may be something that you don’t want to talk about. That is clearly understandable. Your frequent inability to create and maintain an erection is probably something you want to discuss in your local pub with your friends or laugh out loud about at a club or gig. But unless you talk about it, you are not going to sort out the problem.

ED is so common, particularly older men, that it is surprising that it doesn’t feature more in advertisements or as storylines in soaps. While smoking, stress, alcohol and other factors can cause the problem, sometimes it is just that your body has become a bit “de-tuned” in the bedroom. But if your love-making seems an uphill struggle for both you and your partner, it needn’t be. There is something that will help you both chemically and also psychologically. But you need to talk about the problem to start with. Say the word “Viagra” and be prepared to repeat it to your partner and to your GP.

Your partner needs to understand that your inability to satisfy her and yourself is due to ED. A common ailment. It is not because you no longer desire her. It is simply that wicked chemicals in your body are sapping away at your erection. ED treatments such as Viagra inhibit those chemicals and so allow your body to be restored back to a time when your sex-life was buzzing. Sit down and explain with her that as well as trying to bring on a healthier life-style, which will promote sexual health and well-being, you would like to try a proven tablet to see if it will work. Explain to her that it does work in 80% of men. The only drawbacks are the cost and the possibility of side effects for you. Emphasise that the costs of ED treatments, including this oral ED treatment, are coming down, and that she will not experience any discomfort- she will just have the man she used to have in the bedroom restored to her, and brimming with pleasure and confidence!

Your GP (or a qualified online pharmacist) needs to prescribe the drug. That’s necessary because the drug isn’t suitable for all men, and he or she will need to talk through your medical history and what medicines you may be taking at the moment. You will also need to talk or discuss online with him or her any side effects that you may experience. These are well documented and understood now, because the drug has been around for nearly two decades. Most men experience no side effects or only mild ones, and these do not detract from the fun that is put back into your bedroom antics.

By talking to your partner and a suitably qualified clinician about the drug, you will be well on the way to a renewed sex-life that can bring you and your partner closer together and do wonders for your confidence.

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