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Tips to Boost Your Male Libido

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Tips to Boost Your Male Libido

Tips to Boost Your Male Libido

Let’s admit it.  Sometimes the desire for sex tends to stall out because our male libido takes a nosedive.  Hey, it happens on both sides of the bed.  But right now let’s pay attention to you.  Most of the time this condition can be caused by lack of sleep or possibly severe stress.  Sometimes relationships just get a little stale and need some changes to liven them up.

Here are 6 tips that you can use to not only help improve the libido but also in some cases to improve your overall health which will go a long way to keeping the sex drive strong and vibrant.

  1. The first thing we have to do is to make sure we have a healthy self-esteem.

I don’t mean in any arrogant kind of way, but we really need to feel good about ourselves.  How can we expect our partner to be interested if we don’t give off the appearance of someone who is confident about themselves and seems happy with their life?  If you find yourself getting down, find a way to treat yourself to something special or do something you enjoy doing to get your confidence back.

  1. Eat a healthy diet.

No, I don’t mean you have to give up all the good stuff and go on some boring, tasteless meal program.  Eating healthy is not difficult if you just pay attention to eating more natural foods like fruits and vegetables.  Shop more in the outer isles of the store and stay away from most prepared foods.  Cut back on just about everything that has high fructose sugar; soda, most snack foods, fruit juices, commercial salad dressings, and again many prepared foods.  Instead, eat fruit to get the benefits of the juice in a more natural state, drink more water, eat nuts, raisins, dark chocolate(at least 70% cocoa), grapes, or high-quality health bars for snacks.  If you can, shop at farmers markets where you can find more fresh produce to cook with.  Eat more fish, chicken, and leaner cuts of meat. Cook with healthy oils such as olive or coconut oil.  Skip desert.   Planning meals will go a long way toward helping you eat a healthier and more balanced diet.

Never hurts to get some advice from a doctor either.  Take a listen to this short video for other tips.

  1. Try to maintain a proper weight.

Doing things in #2 above will go a long way toward accomplishing this goal.  Most people when they are overweight don’t feel good about themselves, which will certainly have an effect on self-esteem and can cause health issues that affect sexual performance.  Just like reduced blood flow to the heart is very dangerous due to clogged arteries, the same thing can happen to the blood flow to the sexual organs reducing or preventing optimal performance.  Talk about a male libido killer.

  1. Get into and stay in good physical shape.

In other words, get some exercise on a regular basis.  This doesn’t mean you have to go and spend money on an expensive health club membership.  You can walk or run in your own neighborhood.  You can do resistance exercises right in your living room or den using inexpensive equipment such as a resistance band or a couple of barbells.  You can even do body weight exercises such as pushups, squats, and lunges right in your own home.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate to be effective.  The idea is to get a little sweaty, get the heart rate up a little and burn more calories than you eat.

  1. Aphrodisiacs can be fun.

They can come in different forms.  If we are talking food here, the first thing that comes to mind is oysters.  They have trace elements, such as zinc, and contain antioxidants both which are essential to good sexual health.  If oysters don’t appeal to you, how about strawberries covered in dark chocolate.  Sweeten it up a little.  If food doesn’t do it for you how about using aromatherapy or foot rubs with peppermint oil.  Get creative and you might be surprised at just how much your male libido improves and her female libido as well.

  1. Moderate your alcohol intake.

A little nip to relax and help the mood is certainly okay, but just don’t go overboard.  Imbibing too much can impair your sexual performance and spoil the fun.  I find that if I eat something along with drinking, it tends to lessen the impact of the alcohol.  You know your limits, so play it safe and the results can be great.

That’s it.  Don’t let that male libido slip into a rut.  She will appreciate it so do yourself a favor by shaping up and being the best you can be.  Good sex is something that can be enjoyed for many years if you treat it like any other important area of your life.  Takes a little work but I think you know it’s worth it. To keep that libido strong and virile, take a look here.

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